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Ayurvedic Consultation

In these one-on-one sessions, you will learn the basic principles of Ayurvedic science and how they apply to living a healthy life. You will gain insight into your own makeup and be given tools to directly enhance your everyday wellbeing.


Ayurvedic Cleanse

A week of deliciously nutritious meals that cleanse the overworked liver, reduce inflammation, and aid your digestion to release the bloat and extra baggage. The result is a brighter, more energetic version of yourself and a removal of blockages to your personal alignment.


Seasonal Cooking Experience

Learn how to curate delicious and nourishing meals in your own kitchen. Alongside Caryn, you will create a full meal based on Ayurvedic principles and finish with an intimate dining experience. By learning to create a menu that suits the desires of your taste buds and the comforts of your stomach, you will empower yourself to make healthful decisions for the remainder of the season.


yoga, meditation & Energy Healing

In these personalized sessions with Caryn, you will tune into your physical body through a yoga session complete with healing hands-on assists. The session will also include meditation to further enhance your mental acuity and connection with your highest self. You will leave feeling reenergized and renewed.



Allow me to share my personal experience and expertise with holistic health science to a group of individuals to inspire them to take control over their personal wellbeing.