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Next Level Living

This group series is for men and women who want to connect authentically and enjoy a garden party happy hour. Couples and friends welcome!

Do you crave a group where you feel light and get lifted?

Are you ready to shift something in your life and have fun doing it?

Are you aware of the gut-brain connection yet unsure what you are doing to contribute positively or negatively to that relationship?

In this small group setting, we will:

  • drop discomfort and gain ease.

  • trade the serious mindset for childlike curiosity.

  • learn the basics about polyvagal theory, the essence of our basic need to connect.

  • discuss why the vagus nerve health is paramount to our well-being.

  • learn what we can do as a whole to keep our gut healthy for peace of mind.

  • follow a 4-week roadmap to focus on your main priority, identify the top perspective pivots to consider, choose the most appropriate actions to take, and integrate ways to strengthen the most influential nerve in the body so that mind-body connection is tip top.

  • receive a recipe that supports gut, brain, and heart health.

There will be a cocktail and mocktail with an Ayurvedic twist for your enjoyment each time we meet.

You will leave with less confusion, heaviness, and dullness about what’s next. You will gain insight about how to attain and sustain health that is long-lasting. You will feel a noticeable lift in your spirit as authentic connection invites clarity into your sphere.

With a little commitment, we can all gain freedom.

Sessions meet on June 4, 11, 18, 25 from 5:30-7p at a private residence downtown.

To reserve your spot, click here.

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