4-Day Ayurvedic Reset - With Recipes


4-Day Ayurvedic Reset - With Recipes


Like our traditional cleansing process, which is crafted specially for you, this program is modified for a gentle system reset over four days. If you are looking for more awareness about how your choices from the summer may dull your autumn season, this is the perfect way to gain insight without the commitment of a full week of integration.

This experience rewards you with benefits that our 7-Day Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse offers, only you prepare the meals yourself. With this, we supply you with recipes, an Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestion guide, and videos to support choices that welcome the downshift from summer energy to the fall season.

There is no cookie cutter plan to follow. There are no guarantees of losing a certain number of pounds from the start to end date. This is about illumination from the inside out. 

You will gain clarity of mind, vibrance of spirit, a renewed understanding of who you are and an visceral connection to how, what, when, where, how, and with whom you want to spend your days. 

This cleanse is a brilliant opportunity to clear out your system from the summer shenanigans, rest, and carve out time for what truly matters. We work together as I discover who you are naturally through the insightful wisdom of Ayurveda, then we create a plan together. We will map out where you are now and a roadmap to where you where you want to be through diet, moderate exercise, and lifestyle practices that compliment you.

Caryn will support you through your launch date with a one-on-one consultation, mid-week 30 minute call to discuss any questions and curiosities, and digital tools to support lifestyle modifications in support of your whole body transformation.

We highly recommend the full week of cleansing and welcome you to join us for the full week program next time around!

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