7-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse - Includes Meals


7-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse - Includes Meals


This cleanse is the start of a whole new baseline by removing obstacles (feeling sluggish, overweight, unable to focus, unclear about what you want next in life, desire to up your health game by eliminating toxins from your daily routine) and distractions (excess screen time, lack of sleep, unfulfilling sex, eating food that lacks nourishment, physical discomfort/pain, headaches, fatigue) so you can truly focus on what matters to you.

The 7-Day Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse has two days to ease out of what you have been ordinarily doing, three days of cleansing, and two more days to slowly emerge into your new normal.

This cleansing process is crafted specially for you. There is no cookie cutter plan to follow. There are no guarantees of losing a certain number of pounds from the start to end date. This is may be a by-product of less inflammation and overeating, but it isn’t the point.

The point is you will gain insight about what your body truly needs (and what it doesn’t!) and your natural energy will be restored so you aren’t reaching for caffeinated beverage once again.

You will gain clarity of mind, vibrance of spirit, a renewed understanding of who you are and an visceral connection to how, what, when, where, how, and with whom you want to spend your days. 

Cleanse includes:

  • 3 vegetarian chef-prepared meals per day for 7 days

  • welcome packet to understand what the cleanse is and why it is so life-changing

  • 1 mid-week 30-minute consultation with Caryn

  • 7 insightful videos to support your journey and keep you motivated.

    • 1. exploring what naturally happens this season + how to balance

    • 2. which culinary spices are best year round

    • 3. foods to stock up on this season to maximize your health

    • 4. best practices to balance the spring season of earth + water

    • 5. new bundle EAT: how to stock your kitchen to eat well consistently

    • 6. new bundle SLEEP: top 10 practices for great sleep

    • 7. new bundle SEX: tips on making this your best sex season ever

  • daily inspiration and support from the group

  • mid-week breathwork and sound healing session to remove subconscious blocks

  • New this season! to clear out the clutter and Spring Clean!

    • support re-integrating after the cleanse

    • fresh juices

    • end of cleanse celebration at my house!

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