Let me break it down for you.

If the words on these pages are resonating with you, we could consider you landing in my virtual home as one of those right place at the right time situations. We could call it coincidence. Or we could recognize that there could be a bigger reason. Take a moment to read the list of questions below and discover for yourself if we are in alignment.

  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Do you have a history of self-criticism?
  • Are you ready to set aside time to get clear on what you want and how to get there?
  • Do you find yourself replaying the past or feeling paralyzed in fear of the future?
  • Do you tend to play small in life so that you are "safe" from failure or embarrassment?
  • Are you ready to take off your suit of armor and unveil your true power?
  • Are you experiencing transition rooted by marriage, parenting, diagnosis, or loss?
  • Would you like to receive regular doses of inspiration to tap into creativity?
  • Would you enjoy a specially designed program that offers solutions to clarify your intuition so you feel connected and inspired by your own life?
  • Do you see the benefit in becoming part of a community that will impact your ability to easefully lean into vibrant living — beyond your stress, fears, losses, grief, and pain?

This is that community. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I can relate on some level to your circumstance. I have spent years learning how to undo old thinking and channel my energy differently. It is a lifelong practice.

Let's stay connected. I look forward to having the opportunity to sprinkle inbox goodness in your email. I am not surprised our paths are crossing, but boy am I grateful we will be traveling together. Let's start leaning into your vibrance!

During my confrontation with cancer, I made a very distinct decision that I would move beyond my struggles with more strength and confidence than I knew I had at the time. And guess what? I am living a new reality every day. I now use tools that break through all of the chains that weighted my soul for over 34 years.

And now to share them with you...

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
— Lao Tzu

What's your role in this?

Be honest and adventurous. Simply keep an open mind and a willingness to try some of the options I toss your way. When things seem like they aren't moving as quickly as your Western-programmed, fast-paced mind would like, visit patience. Traditional modalities of creating optimal health and healing are not a quick fix. However, the practices and their effects can last a lifetime. Please comment on the blog to tell me your thoughts, interests, and questions.

Grab a glove. It's time to catch. In order to get ahead, you must slow down. Maybe that sounds counter-intuitive at first, but it will eventually make sense. It is one simple dedication after another, one moment at a time. Before you know it, your life will illuminate.