Happiness Injection


Happiness Injection

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Are you or someone you love looking for the perfect way to end the year on a high note? Let 2018 be the year of YOU!

Want to feel better? More organized? Less stressed? More sure of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where you are headed?

This consultation is an hourlong conversation to learn more about your frustrations so we can pinpoint 5 specific ways you can upfit your life. The power of being intentional in our thoughts and actions in order to live a vibrant life in JOY has been documented over thousands of years, and together we will create a simple strategy for you to start your year with a BANG like never before. 

From our consultation, l provide you with a special integrative package just for you by combining: 

- holistic healing > like my recorded meditations, easy and effective breathing practices, guided visualizations for relaxation

- accessible tips for daily tension relief

- data-driven suggestions for the scientist in you that wants clear results

This results in less stress, more clarity around where you direct your energy, and the main goal...MORE HAPPINESS!

**Important** More than one can be purchased by a single person either for different people to use (please designate) as you check out or for the same person. This is by far the most deeply discounted rate we have ever offered and it will not be replicated. Initial consultations must be set up during the month of January. Consultations can be through Skype or in person (if in Charleston, SC). 

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