Get Turned On


Get Turned On

from 325.00

a weekend of ease to align and refine

Friday, 10.4 - 6:30-9:30p

Saturday, 10.5 - 9:00a - 8:00p

Sunday 10.6 - 9:00a - Noon

Weekend overnight experience double occupancy $395; single occupancy $785

Weekend experience (remote stay) $325

Are you ready to be guided through a weekend where you don’t have to think about what to do, or when or how to do it? Let us sweep you away with a weekend full of sensory experiences that lead you home - to yourself - your most open, receptive, grounded self. It’s the perfect time to take the dive inward so you can better sit with what is, see clearly what isn’t comfortable anymore, and identify what you can let go of to make life easier. 

During this weekend, let us guide you to the truth of who you are, because at your essence, you have enough energy, time, and resources to be with life without having to constantly do or fix what is not comfortable. Whether it’s health, relationships, career, or lifestyle changes, together we will explore movement, enrichment, and pure enjoyment to get out of your head and into your heart that will leave you feeling vibrant, alert, and grounded all at once.

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