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Embody The Season: Summertime Holistic Healing

Ever wonder how the intensity of summer affects your body? Join us this June for a healing interactive experience that clarifies how the heat can transform your life - if used in a way that truly supports what you need.

You'll learn:
- how heat interacts with you - specific to your tendencies, interests, and aversions - on the subtle (mental/emotional) and gross (physical) levels
- what you can do to balance the intensity of summer
- when these practices yield the best results

We'll also have a Q+A session with Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Caryn O'Hara, which will give you the opportunity to ask her about how to navigate through real life circumstances you've been facing.

Saturday, 10a-12p:
- Intro to Ayurveda
- Dive into subtle and gross bodies
- Gut/Brain Connection and the importance of nourishing from both
- Access the subtle body to better understand how profound shifts happen by tending to it with present moment awareness

Sunday, 10a-12p:
- Practices to access long-term freedom in the physical body
- Daily Rituals that de-excite the nervous system and rewire the brain for healing
- Movement practice
- Q+A with me!

We will explore:
- Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine
- Energetics, mental, emotional, sensory body
- Transformative daily rituals that can easily be integrated into your day-to-day
- Movement practice to nourish and ground those parts of the body that beg a cool down amidst the heat

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