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Embrace the Fall : an experiential voyage on how to play with gratitude when change takes the wheel

As with each component of the ETF Series, this may be completed as a stand-alone session built for you to discover how to savor your life as it is or choose the ETF Series TRIFECTA for ultimate impact. ENLIVEN = 5 Senses Journey + Worry Release

This is an exclusive online session, an absolute must if you are ready to shake off the serious and find your fun. What does it include?

  • five weekly sessions that land directly in your inbox

  • stress relieving breath exercises you can use anywhere at any time

  • breakdown of the five elements and five senses

  • gain insight on your personal perception

  • journal topics and guidance through your own distinct perception

  • morning ritual - explanation of options and how to get and stay committed

  • a weekly follow up Ways To Win mindfulness activity

This program is made for you if change in your life has tarnished the luster of life. Whether it be a break up, diagnosis, or loss, Caryn will lead you through exercises that teach you how you perceive life. This guided journey requires about $10.00 of specified supplies. You will tap into your true nature to unlock what triggers uneasiness, get clear on what offers you strength, and how to surround yourself with everything that makes you shine. As with each of the ETF sessions, complete this is a combination of exercises by yourself to minimize distractions and input from anyone else and achieve best results.

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Embrace the Fall program are an experiential voyage on how to play with gratitude when change takes the wheel. Whether it is the change of the season or a shift if you life. Learn how to look at a setback or fall from grace and turn the experience into your biggest gift. Through these videos, you will gain insight on how to not only look at yourself intimately through change, but improve your quality of life and soar beyond this encounter.

Pick one, two, or all three video sessions to watch at the best time for you and save with the Trifecta.