It’s not just about feeling well.

It’s time to East, Sleep, and Sex well!

Please! No more of the starvation, bland-tasting diets. It’s time to feed ourselves real, local, seasonal food spiced just right with anti-inflammatory and digestive aids.

It's the perfect time to drop what we no longer need and sustain the nourishment we’ve gained from summer.

If you want to sustain your vibrance from summer and worry that your luster will shrink as we near the end of the year, this is your jam!

It's difficult to eliminate the burden of what's unnecessary when we aren't slowing down long enough to notice what those things are. Let's be done with too much, too busy, too tired, too cranky, too hungover, too lazy. Together let's increase your baseline. It's time to let go of what stifles our vibrational frequency from expansion.

Cleansing is a vital part of keeping our bodies' functioning well. The human condition is to resort to patterns that are deeply ingrained. For most of us, that means we get of schedule, get less sleep, eat foods that we love in excess even though our bodies are not fully digesting them. It may not feel especially challenging now, but over time the effects of our choices and irregularities can layer and cause serious health conditions that may not be reversible.

Just as the trees are shedding their leaves, it is the perfect time for us to mimic what we see around us. Together, let's release. Let's shed stale habits, tired ways of thinking, and all those extra sugary or caffeine-filled snacks we enjoy throughout the day. The less complicated our food+lifestyle medicines are, the happier we are.

In this process, you will eat until you are satisfied. You will notice how much space + time you fill unnecessarily. You will surprise yourself at how much you can eliminate.

This is by far the healthiest cleanse I have ever done in my life. It’s given me the opportunity to live more vibrantly with cancer than I ever did without. I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you.

The only challenge I have had clients tell me about this process is the time is takes to prepare the meals. I hear you!

To remedy this, that obstacle is removed. I bring you this 7-Day Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse complete with meals prepared for you. Now you can focus on calming through your lifestyle practices (a process, which I guide you through) and enjoy each meal without the grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking.

The goal for us was to create a program we'd like to join because of it's effectiveness and ease. And together, we are thrilled to announce we have done this for you!

Remedy Cleanse includes:

  • 3 Deliciously Nourishing Meals per day (21 meals )made especially for you with local, seasonal ingredients - pick up* (below) - $300+ value

  • 30-minute Individual Ayurvedic Consult with Caryn during the cleanse - $80

  • NEW 4 supportive videos that guide you through sticky moments: guided visualization, mindful movement, self care practices, + kitchen hacks - $100

  • NEW Bundle of three videos - Eat, Sleep, Sex Well

  • Ayurvedic Fall Tipsheet created with you and your current health situation in mind - $25

  • Glass containers for meals you keep after the week - $21

  • Fall Spice Blend Packet - $4

  • Chart for Daily Self Care Routine - FREE

  • Option: Private Accountability Group of fellow Cleansers, increases success by 95% (research conducted by American Society of Training and Development) - FREE

  • $550+ value


  • *Meal Delivery - $5 additional charge per deliver day / $35 extra for delivery for the week

  • Recipes from the Ayurvedic Cleanse so you can continue making these meals for you and your family anytime you need to press the reset button

  • Special Area Videos offering the support you need most - mental, physical, emotional/sensory, soul < prices vary depending on your request of content

  • One-on-One Ayurvedic consults with Caryn to enjoy continued success and long-term happiness < ask about my Remedy Cleanse special offer!

  • One-on-One or recorded Meditation sessions focusing on your primary interests for continued success and ease

2018 Dates:

  • Registration deadline: Saturday, October 20

  • Launch Gathering: Thursday, October 18

  • First Meal Pick up/Delivery: Sunday, October 21

  • Start of Ayurvedic Cleanse: Monday, October 22

  • Last Day of Ayurvedic Cleanse: Sunday, October 28


$499 per person per week

What You Gain

  • Improved digestion and elimination

  • Improved metabolism

  • Skin and spirit that glows

  • Energy and vitality

  • Clarity in mind and purpose

  • Deeper awareness and appreciation for delicious, medicinal foods

  • A week of eating healthy meals that you don't have to cook!

  • More time for yourself and loved ones

  • Opportunities to introduce your children to new and health-conscious foods

Not sure this is right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you interested in doing something that can raise your baseline?

  • Do you want to feel more fully connected to yourself?

  • Would you like to improve your sleep?

  • Decrease bloating?

  • Poop with regularity?

  • Stop depending on so much caffeine?

  • Slow down the alcohol consumption?

  • Catalyze shift in your life that provides more freedom in your everyday?

  • Get on your A-game as the healthy role model to your kids?

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