This is Caryn.

I am on the far right with three of my girlfriends after a celebratory dinner.

I am on the far right with three of my girlfriends after a celebratory dinner.

Health Consultant. Yoga Instructor (E-RYT). Kids Yoga Instructor. Writer. Speaker. CURED Colon Cancer Survivor. My interests lie in integrative approaches with specificity in Ayurveda.

After I had my colon cancer removed, I had an ostomy for ten months. My large intestine was cut in two, part of it removed along with the tumor, and the other part sewn through the surface of my abdomen so I could eliminate. As bizarre as the procedure sounds to someone who is unfamiliar, the body can function very well that way. Yes, it was a change, but it also meant I got to live so I never had hard feelings about it.

I remember when I said out loud to someone for the first time that my insides were outside of my body. And just then, it clicked. This was my pathway to inside out living: a life of vibrancy, depth, and full-on vulnerability. Each day after my surgery I chose to let it all hang out and not be scared of the unknown. I decided I would be publicly open about my journey, and in turn I have gained an army of supporters who watch and cheer for me as I forge ahead. My surgeon asked me to be the Keynote Speaker at his annual Colorectal Cancer Symposium. Together he and I are the core of a major colon cancer screening awareness campaign through Roper St. Francis Cancer Center, where I received the bulk of my treatment.

Now I offer a pathway to inside out healing. I provide guidance for others to gracefully navigate through the ebbs and flows of life. The protective suit of armor that so many of us wear is a means to get through the day but not through the muck. We have to be willing to feel the good, bad, and the ugly in order to shed layers and renew. Once that happens, true connection with self emerges. Creativity will flow. Doors will open. Life will improve. I am a down-to-earth, young-at-heart woman who infuses the wisdom from my studies and rawness of my own experiences with colon cancer, multiple major surgeries, life with an ostomy, the loss of my dad, grief, anxiety, and depression to help you remove blockages and maintain an optimal quality of life. I keep it real.

My motto? Savor the spice in life.

My programs equip you with a toolbox to soar beyond the ups and downs, twists and turns, rises and falls of life. There is a misconception that stress only happens when we are in a serious rut. But the reality is that it can weigh on our shoulders during "happy" times like holidays, weddings, and having a child. One thing is for sure: life is unpredictable. And it can get sticky! Whatever you do, do not resist the shifts. Change is there to help you, no matter how unsightly the gift wrap. And so am I.

I am here to meet you where you are NOW. Through my signature Embrace the Fall programming, I enlighten, enliven, and encourage YOU to:

  1. create space and time to connect with yourself;
  2. set goals;
  3. develop a clear set of priorities.

Then use these simple practices to maintain 1, set a pathway to 2, while keeping 3 in mind. 

If you are seeking a program that is completed crafted for you, I have a limited number of clients where I offer individual guidance. My Couch Conversations 1+1 offer unique insights that illuminate your true nature in a way that helps you predict the effects changes will have on your mental, physical, emotional, and soul bodies before it takes place. If you are looking for a dynamic package in person, I keep a few weekends open for full-on RESTORATION.

The result?


You have never known health the way you will when you start stopping the blame, shame, guilt, and excuses and put that time and energy toward your #1 investment:
— Caryn O'Hara

What will you find?

When you visit my virtual living room, you will find my blog, video tips, and inbox goodness. (To receive my newsletter, you can also sign up in the pink box.) On the inside out blog, I may share a cup of my favorite soul-soothing tea, an exceptional recipe, exercise, quote, trend, or kombucha that is currently rocking my world. (Have you tried lavendar? One word: YUM.) My live events calendar and online programming are here for you as well. Most of all, you gain instant access to tools specially designed to TURN YOUR CHALLENGE INTO YOUR GIFT.

Following a near-fatal illness, I now have the pleasure of leading a vibrant, all-in approach to life. I have twenty years of experience in teaching and coaching roles. My five senses strategies are built for you to pull in what you need for optimal health and learn how to let go of toxins. You will naturally refine your choices - from food and thoughts to relationships and general lifestyle. Believe me. Life can be easier and less stressful.

I love connecting. So kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. In this space, I offer my favorite ways to live a fully loaded, #insideout life. I enlighten, enliven, and encourage you by providing useful, digestible information that kicks your life into high gear.

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In Charleston, SC, America's Top City four years in a row and second city in the world according to Condé Nast, Caryn is one of 50 Most Progressive by Charlie Mag.

enlighten | v. t. - To make clear to the intellect or conscience; to shed the light of truth and knowledge upon.

enliven | v. t. - To give spirit or vivacity to; to make sprightly or cheerful.

encourage | v. t. - To give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

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