Services include Speaking Events, Mindfulness Presentations, Group Events, and 1+1 Sessions, which are an opportunity for me to share with you some of the most influential practices that I have come across in my years of study. Many of these practices are simple, yet the benefits weave deeply into the state of your being. Powerful!

.group effort is for you if you'd like to participate on a series of calls with others. .foundation is fit for you if you want a month of individual video phone sessions. .renovation offers you three months of individual sessions to meet specific needs. .restoration is the only face-to-face session offered as a weekend immersion, which is the best option to dive deeply into your current state of living and make a plan to rise into your top goals and see dramatic results quickly.


1 Month | 4-pack


1 Month | 4-pack


foundation | a wonderful option if you are seeking an experience that gives you new perspective with where you are now or within a particularly difficult time to view the experience differently; if you are managing a major shift and would benefit from having a toolbox of goodies to support your lifestyle and manage the new pieces

This 1-month 1+1 package includes | 1-1.5 hour initial consultation; determine the primary hurdle; one weekly, hour-long couch conversation; one email follow up after each session that pinpoints areas of interest and offers questions to guide you through the Clarity Map we create together; key points to stay focused on our strategy to learn how to identify the underlying challenges at hand, determine how you might better fill your time, and live in a goal-oriented space that feels much more authentic

Your work is to realize that some tools may be easy for you to implement and others may feel like added discomfort. Remember that old habits may die hard but the journey is priceless and worth savoring. Remain open to new modalities of transformation and keep your sights set on why you are courageous enough to seek support through this program in the first place.

This program asks a good amount of your time and energy, particularly if you are new to self work. However, the result after just one month can be profound if you follow the steps in your Clarity Chart. This program is unique in that it offers a breakdown of how to become clear in who you truly are, what you want, and how to achieve it. This Chart is different from the Map in that it is less detail-oriented and gives you freedom to pick one area that resonates and dig deep there.

Meetings take place online. For an extended 1+1 3-month program, see RENOVATION. If you are interested in a fully loaded face-to-face 1+1 event, see RESTORATION.

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This is your style if a month-long dedication is a definite, yet feasible, challenge. If you are looking for fast, solid tools that you can keep in your pocket for months to come, you are ready to get to work on the FOUNDATION. We meet one-on-one once per week and identify a very specific limitation in your life. If you believe mindfulness is a way of life that requires regular upkeep in order to stay on track with your goals, this is right for you. All packages ask you to be an active participant, realizing the more you put into anything in life the more you will receive.