Services include Speaking Events, Mindfulness Presentations, Group Events, and 1+1 Sessions, which are an opportunity for me to share with you some of the most influential practices that I have come across in my years of study. Many of these practices are simple, yet the benefits weave deeply into the state of your being. Powerful!

.group effort is for you if you'd like to participate on a series of calls with others. .foundation is fit for you if you want a month of individual video phone sessions. .renovation offers you three months of individual sessions to meet specific needs. .restoration is the only face-to-face session offered as a weekend immersion, which is the best option to dive deeply into your current state of living and make a plan to rise into your top goals and see dramatic results quickly.


3 Months | Weekly 1-on-1's


3 Months | Weekly 1-on-1's


renovation | a wonderful option if you are in search for an experience that sees you through a relatively short-term transition or particularly difficult time; if you are shifting from one place in life to another and have interest in being guided through the waves that rise, this is your match; if you know the mind is stirring and the body is restless, it is time for a personal renovation to release the limitation and get on the path you are meant to carve.

This 3-month 1+1 package includes | 1-1.5 hour initial consultation; determine the primary hurdle; one weekly, hour-long couch conversation; one email follow up after each session that pinpoints areas of interest and offers questions to guide you through the Clarity Map we create together; key points to stay focused on our strategy to learn how to identify the root cause of issues at hand, choose to let them go, and float to your goals

Your work is in trusting the process, staying open to new modalities of transformation, and keeping your eye on the big picture. Details can get us all in trouble and make us lose sight of what is truly important. Begin thinking of yourself as a microcosm of the universe. If you show up to transform from deep within in small, palatable ways on a daily basis, imagine the shift you will create over three months. It can be immensely life-changing if you allow it.

Meetings take place online. For a fully loaded face-to-face 1+1 event, see RESTORATION. You may also be interested in our video EMBRACE THE FALL packages.

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This is the perfect program for you if you know the the best results are those that come from gentle, yet steady commitment. When life moves in a different direction because of factors we cannot control, the future has the potential to challenge us no matter what practices we adopt. This package ensures that your practice continues long enough to see how patterns may want to creep into your daily routine and how we might intertwine new elements that keep you on your path of optimal health.

If you are looking for a larger toolkit that offers options when the original plan gets stale, a plan that sees you through more than one season is ideal since we experience cyclical change throughout each year - not even considering the shift we encounter when life is altered dramatically by illness, loss, and heartbreak. All packages ask you to be an active participant, realizing the more you put into anything in life the more you will receive.