Services include Speaking Events, Mindfulness Presentations, Group Events, and 1+1 Sessions, which are an opportunity for me to share with you some of the most influential practices that I have come across in my years of study. Many of these practices are simple, yet the benefits weave deeply into the state of your being. Powerful!

.group effort is for you if you'd like to participate on a series of calls with others. .foundation is fit for you if you want a month of individual video phone sessions. .renovation offers you three months of individual sessions to meet specific needs. .restoration is the only face-to-face session offered as a weekend immersion, which is the best option to dive deeply into your current state of living and make a plan to rise into your top goals and see dramatic results quickly.


3 Months | Call In 1-on-1's


3 Months | Call In 1-on-1's


group effort | This is the option for you if you are seeking an online experience that provides anonymity and sees you through a relatively short-term period. This can be a transition for which you already have support and simply need a bit more accountability/outside perspective, or if you feel your life has gone stale and need some inspiration, focus, and a Clarity Map to navigate to your goals

This 3-month package includes | an introductory schedule outline; 1 hour initial consultation; four-body exercise to determine the primary hurdles; establish primary goals; one weekly, hour-long group couch conversation; one weekly coached assignment that offers guidance in taking steps through the Clarity Map

During our initial consultation, we discuss your top reasons for reaching out to me, biggest concerns or frustrations, and clearest goals. You receive a subsequent email including your Clarity Map, which shows where you are currently and what it takes to move toward your destination. Your Clarity Map illustrates the practices necessary for your success. There will be a set strategy that we can (and will) tweak along the way based on what is most accessible for you, what resonates with you, and what brings out the best in you.

To champion you through the process, each week I will check in with you via email with specific questions regarding that week's portion of the plan. Your answers will guide you through the next week's exercise.

From an ayurvedic perspective, mind, body, energy, and soul cannot be treated separately. Therefore, weekly plans will address each of them, though certain assignments may seem to favor one more. As I hold space for you, you will naturally gravitate to the practices that nourish your interests with the most power.

Meetings are online. For face-to-face 1+1s, see VIP individual event. EMBRACE THE FALL programs also available through convenient video sessions.

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Here you have met your match program if you are ready to meet with me with others on the line (who will be anonymous) once per week and make some serious changes to navigate through a short-term transition or a period in life where you find yourself stuck or sick of being sick. If you believe mindfulness is a way of life that requires regular upkeep in order to stay on track with your goals, this is right for you. All packages ask you to be an active participant, realizing the more you put into anything in life the more you will receive.