Services include Speaking Events, Mindfulness Presentations, Group Events, and 1+1 Sessions, which are an opportunity for me to share with you some of the most influential practices that I have come across in my years of study. Many of these practices are simple, yet the benefits weave deeply into the state of your being. Powerful!

.group effort is for you if you'd like to participate on a series of calls with others. .foundation is fit for you if you want a month of individual video phone sessions. .renovation offers you three months of individual sessions to meet specific needs. .restoration is the only face-to-face session offered as a weekend immersion, which is the best option to dive deeply into your current state of living and make a plan to rise into your top goals and see dramatic results quickly.


Hurricane Flo(w) + Acupuncture


Hurricane Flo(w) + Acupuncture


Nerves shot from all the stirring this week? Frustrated that studios aren’t open?

Come to Caryn’s house for a Hurricane Flo(w) and have an extra long, soothing savasana as Sarah Stowers, well respected Acupuncturist at Khouri Chiropractic, gives you a dose of relaxation by opening your energy channels and ironically relieve that pins and needles feeling you may be having with all the busyness these past few days.

Only 12 spots so reserve as soon as you can!

Thursday, 9/13, 10-11:30a at Caryn’s house downtown - address sent after registration

*This is weather permitting. If it’s rainy, you will receive a refund.

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