Services include Speaking Events, Mindfulness Presentations, Group Events, and 1+1 Sessions, which are an opportunity for me to share with you some of the most influential practices that I have come across in my years of study. Many of these practices are simple, yet the benefits weave deeply into the state of your being. Powerful!

.group effort is for you if you'd like to participate on a series of calls with others. .foundation is fit for you if you want a month of individual video phone sessions. .renovation offers you three months of individual sessions to meet specific needs. .restoration is the only face-to-face session offered as a weekend immersion, which is the best option to dive deeply into your current state of living and make a plan to rise into your top goals and see dramatic results quickly.


VIP weekend | Over 14 hours


VIP weekend | Over 14 hours


in person | the perfect option if you are truly looking to make a lifestyle change that lasts life long-term; if you seek an experience that effectively gives you a burst of new information and insight, offers tools you can use for months in the future to check in and find your center, and a program that allows you to feel confident  to tweak your personal plan with the circumstances down the road to hammock a new way of living

This 1+1 VIP package includes | 10 hours working with me face-to-face; 1-1.5 hour initial consultation (can be done remotely); determine the primary health hurdle; establish your primary goals; weekly, 30-miute follow up 1-on-1s for four weeks following the event

Unlike the other programs, this package gives the unique opportunity to work with Caryn face-to-face in a one-on-one capacity. Includes combinations of Ayurvedic consulting, Ayurvedic body work, daily ritual practices that cleanse the system and nourish mind/body/heart, menu and kitchen prep, yoga, meditation, reiki, and journaling to fit your personal needs. If interested, please email

*Travel and accommodation expenses to visit Caryn or to have Caryn to visit you are additional. If you choose to visit Caryn (typically in Charleston, SC), she will recommend places to stay unless you have other arrangements.

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This in person workshop is specially designed for you unlike any other program. This program is best if you are deeply aware that life's challenges shift and change form, just like you. This program is the most comprehensive in that it offers support to guide through the parts of life that weigh on you the most so that you can move past those barricades and into a life of consistent freedom and growth. If you recognize that moving directly into the heart of the matter is most important to heal, move forward, and return to who you have always been meant to be AND you are ready to develop a solid strategy to forge ahead, then you, my dear, are ready for a RESTORATION!

*This is the only option in person. Please contact Caryn at and let her know your price range for accommodations and any requests regarding your location in relation to where the workshop takes place downtown Charleston. Travel and accommodations are not included in this price. You will receive a personal welcome from her with accommodation options included, which you can purchase on your own.